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Incoming vs Outgoing Collections Call Analysis

Answers We Sought Regarding Call Analytics Before & During COVID


How are the calls trending during the COVID lock-down?


Is there a difference in incoming & outgoing calls?


How are call direction, volume, and duration varying?


What might be causing call direction & duration variations?


How are call duration's affecting agent capacity, resource planning, agent performance and customer wait times?

Incoming vs Outgoing Call Analysis Observations

*Incoming vs. Outgoing Call Metrics Based on 5.5 million Calls


  • While the number of outgoing calls remained same from Feb. to Mar., call duration reduced by 10%.

  • However March to April, number of outgoing calls reduced by 40% but call duration remained same. This indicates longer call duration and lenders needed same level of workforce to manage those calls.

  • While number of incoming calls remained same from Feb to Mar, call duration's increased by 20%.

  • From March to April, number of incoming calls remained stable, however call duration increased by 50%. This indicates longer calls and lenders needed higher level of workforce or longer waiting queues for customers. 

  • As many borrowers are inquiring and deciding on various options they may have, these calls are taking longer.

  • Increase in agents’ time spent on incoming calls is certainly taking away their ability to fulfill outgoing call campaigns.

  • This scenario is putting much pressure on lenders who had to reduce their staff levels during this COVID situation.

Next Steps & How Dasceq Can Help

Next Steps:

• Understanding the impact of changing direction of calls. Impact on agent capacity, customer wait times.

• Planning right resource capacity and right mix of campaign strategies.

• Implementing effectiveness measures across multiple contact channels in a comprehensive way.

How Dasceq Can Help:

•Dasceq can help implement digital contact strategies to increase communication and reduce call duration.

•Dasceq can help with AI-driven targeted outbound campaigns so agents time is best utilized.

•Dasceq can help with deeper portfolio & contact analytics to measure the effectiveness of multi-channel contact strategies.

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